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Rejuvenate And Refresh Your Skin - Which Option Is Right For You?

Indisputable fact: You know more now than you did 10 years ago, 20 years ago, longer. Right? How many times have you marveled now at how incredibly naïve you were in your youth? So yes, you’re older. But at least you’re also wiser. Superficially speaking, though, many of us think back on our youths wistfully every time we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror. One of the main factors we all use to determine someone’s age (you apply it to others; they apply it to you) is the skin’s appearance. And there’s no denying our skin starts to lose that youthful glow after a while. As we grow older, skin starts to slow down the rate it turns over. The result of that slowdown is an accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin surface, which leads to a sort of dull appearance and can amplify things like lines and wrinkles.

The effect of aging on skin is an inescapable fact, but there are several options available to you to combat that effect:

Microdermabrasion – The main target of microdermabrasion are the dead skin cells mentioned above, the ones accumulating on the skin surface. This type of treatment is done with a special microdermabrasion machine (microdermabrator) that has a tip attached to a vacuum tube, which is used to “sandblast” that superficial skin layer. Mild suction is applied to the skin while, simultaneously, small crystals are delivered to the skin to loosen the oil, dirt, skin debris and dead skin cells. The vacuum then simply removes those excess particles. The procedure is relatively painless (and potentially even relaxing). Microdermabrasion is the least invasive option available to you for skin resurfacing, although that also means the positive results you experience won’t necessarily be as dramatic as another procedure might produce.

Chemical peels – Also known as chemoexfoliation. To put it mildly, chemical peels have been around for a while. Perhaps even as far back as Cleopatra, who supposedly routinely bathed in sour goat’s milk to help keep her skin beautiful. While you’re not likely to find a cosmetic surgeon ready to prescribe a bath in goat’s milk, chemical peels are still very much in play when it comes to battling the signs of aging in the skin. The range of products and treatments available on the chemical peel spectrum is vast, as you can purchase some over the counter and self-administer without worry, while others are deep chemical agents that should only be applied by a professional in a controlled setting. The goal of any chemical peel is the same: Remove a predictable, uniform thickness of damaged skin, allowing new, tighter, rejuvenated skin to replace it.

Lasers – While it might seem counterintuitive, laser skin resurfacing can sometimes heal more quickly than treatments like chemical peels. Ablative laser resurfacing removes not only the top layer of skin but a part of the sub-layer as well, while non-ablative lasers keep the outer layer of skin in place for faster healing and recovery. Wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, sun damaged skin, and acne scars are all treatable with laser skin resurfacing. Typically, it will be two to four weeks after a procedure before your skin is completely healed, with new skin growing to cover the wounds. The skin can remain pink and red for many months afterward, as well, although most patients are easily able to use makeup to even out appearance after about two weeks.

At GLOW Surgical Arts in Redwood City, California, we offer the SmartSkin CO2 technique for more aggressive skin resurfacing. Sun damage, aging, and scarred skin are problems that the SmartSkin CO2 option deals with wonderfully. The system allows you and your GLOW cosmetic surgeon to fully customize the treatment to best suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a quick refresher to your appearance, or hoping to appear several years younger. The CO2 laser doesn’t just help with damaged skin, either. This technique simultaneously achieves collagen rejuvenation (the primary target of the CO2 laser is water, and it is this interaction that leads to collagen rejuvenation and skin tightening), which means your lines, wrinkles, pores and scars will all be positively impacted. In the end, whether you opt for fractionated or non-fractionated SmartSkin CO2, you’ll wind up with dramatically younger looking skin.

Yes, it’s true that getting older means, indisputably, you’ll be wiser and have older looking skin. Luckily, part of being wiser means you know you have a wealth of cosmetic options available to you that will allow you to take several years off of your skin’s appearance, no matter what your age is. If the decision process seems daunting, we can help. Our GLOW cosmetic surgeons are more than happy to answer all the questions you might have about skin rejuvenation during a free, no obligation consultation. Click here or call (650) 241-2209 today.

Indisputable fact: You can take years off your skin’s appearance, and GLOW Surgical Arts can help.