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Stretch Mark Treatments

Stretch marks are a reality for a large percentage of people, but what are stretch marks and how do you treat them? At GLOW Surgical Arts, we hear from people every day who want to know how they can treat their stretch marks in Redwood City. That's why we want to help you understand more about stretch marks and how we can help.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a type of scar that develops when your skin rapidly stretches or shrinks. An abrupt change in weight or size causes ruptures in collagen and elastin, two proteins that help your skin maintain shapeliness. Once ruptured, your skin will try to heal itself and that is how stretch marks are formed.

Who gets stretch marks?

This is a complicated question because not all people get stretch marks. Hormones, health, and genetics play a big role in deciding whether or not you get stretch marks. However, the people who get stretch marks most often are going through puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight fluctuations, or rapid muscle development (as in bodybuilding).

What gets rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks can be permanent like any scar. There are treatments to make them less noticeable and alleviate any itching side effects stretch marks may cause. Stretch marks are caused by a variety of variables; that's why similar treatments may not work on different people. In fact, studies have shown that a large percentage of “stretch mark lotions” don't help treat your problem at all. Some lotions, oils, and creams do have positive results. In our professional opinion, the best way to at least reduce the appearance of stretch marks is to start moisturizing your skin early with your treatment of choice. Many of our clients have had success simply with coconut oil, but we don't have empirical evidence to back up this claim. Apply your product devoutly. We also suggest exercising and eating right. A healthy, balanced, nutritional diet will keep your body healing and strengthen your skin and muscles. Exercising will tighten the muscles under your stretch marks. Even spray tanning can help camouflage stretch marks. The issue with these options is that they aren't necessarily permanent and don't always work.

How can we treat stretch marks?

We always need to consult with you before we discuss any procedures that may help with your stretch marks. Our professional staff is highly trained and determined to help you get the results you desire. That is why GLOW Surgical Arts suggests three methods to help reduce your stretch marks.

Microneedling: This technique uses tiny needles to break down the skin and force it to form new layers of skin while encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin. This unique technique causes the skin to build itself back up in a healthier way, resulting in a smoother appearance.

Laser resurfacing: Our SmartSkin CO2 laser penetrates the skin, triggering regeneration. This stimulates the tissues around your stretch marks to heal at a faster rate, rebuilding your skin with new collagen and elastin.

Skin lift: Skin lifting refers to any procedure in which the excess skin will be removed, leaving you with a tight, smooth, youthful appearance. Drs. Paul Gorman and Renee Marshall perform skin lifts, including tummy tuck, breast lift, and arm and inner thigh lift.

Removing stretch marks in Redwood City

Stretch marks are a frustrating thing for most people. They can affect your self-confidence, and hinder the way you see yourself. We want to help you be happy and healthy, mentally and physically. The professionals at GLOW Surgical Arts are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact your Bay Area cosmetic surgeons Dr. Paul Gorman and Dr. Renee Marshall today if you live in the

Redwood City, CA, area at (650) 241-2209 to schedule a consultation.