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How To Remove Your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are scars that can appear when skin is stretched beyond its elasticity. Stretch marks typically start out red, then fade to a pale silvery color. Men and women can both have stretch marks, which are common after weight gain or loss, rapid periods of growth like puberty, and pregnancy.

Conventional wisdom has some pieces of advice about how to get rid of stretch marks, with varying degrees of success. If you wish to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, try some of these tips:

  • Keeping skin moisturized with any kind of lotion or oil may improve its appearance and make stretch marks less noticeable, though it probably will not get rid of them completely. Some devotees of coconut oil say that it has skin healing properties that can help with stretch marks, but empirical evidence showing that coconut oil will actually get rid of these scars is thin.
  • Exercising will tone the skin underneath stretch marks, and may make them appear less prominent.
  • Getting a spray tan or using self-tanner can help camouflage stretch marks and make them almost invisible. Just be sure to apply self-tanning lotion evenly. While this method offers the best chance of covering up stretch marks so that you can bare your skin with confidence, it requires regular reapplication and can wear or wash off quickly.

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks with microneedling

Stretch mark scars can be difficult to erase, and exercise and topical creams can only do so much. If you are interested in a longer-lasting solution, certain treatments can greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

Microneedling is a technique that uses tiny needles to break down skin and force it to form new layers of skin and collagen fibers. This unique technique causes skin to build itself back up in a healthier way, resulting in a smoother appearance. While one to two treatments may be enough to see some improvement in skin, four to six treatments generally give the best results.

Because the needles are so small, recovery time from the redness that microneedling can cause is just 12 to 48 hours. Other skin conditions that can be improved with microneedling are acne scars, other scars, wrinkles, and large pores. Once treatments are completed, skin can continue to improve up to a year with the proper skin care regimen.

GLOW Surgical Arts offers the COSMOPen microneedling procedure, which can treat smaller areas than other microneedling equipment with even less redness and trauma to the skin. Contact us today to request a consultation to determine whether microneedling is the solution you've been seeking for your stretch mark scars.