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Cosmetic Surgery for Older Patients

Cosmetic surgery for older patientsOver the past 20 years, the number of people over the age of 65 who have facelifts and eyelid surgery has doubled. In 2015, some 80,000 older adults had one of these surgical procedures.

As people live longer, they want to look their best, and societal norms have shifted so that cosmetic surgery is more accepted than it once was. And since many seniors want to remain attractive to the opposite gender, avoid age discrimination, and be seen as a whole person, not just a cute grandmother or grandfather, they opt for a cosmetic procedure.

Safety Considerations

But is cosmetic surgery safe for people older than 65? In many cases, it’s extremely safe. As more minimally invasive surgeries are developed, it becomes safer to perform elective operations. Minimally invasive surgeries don’t take as long, and can often be done using IV sedation instead of general anesthesia.

And many times, older adults opt for in-office treatments like neuromodulators, injectable fillers, laser treatments and skin peels. These procedures offer an alternative to surgery that yields very visible results.

Is a Cosmetic Procedure Right for You?

If you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery or an in-office treatment, there are some things to consider. You should have:

  • Realistic expectations. Cosmetic surgery is meant to enhance your natural features, not dramatically change your appearance Following a cosmetic procedure, you’ll see an improved, enhanced version of yourself, not a new person looking back from the mirror.
  • Good health. With any surgical procedure, it’s important to be reasonably healthy. Serious medical conditions can make the procedure risky and recovery difficult.
  • Open, honest communication. Be honest and open with your cosmetic surgeon about your medical history, goals, and concerns. Doing so will help you achieve your desired results. Be sure to give your cosmetic surgeon a complete picture of your health during your consultation so he or she will know how to help you reach your goals.

If you’re interested in a cosmetic procedure, please schedule a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic surgeons. We welcome people of all ages at our Redwood City practice, and look forward to helping you look and feel your best.