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How Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Impact Self Esteem?

Women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery for many different reasons. These might include wanting to even out breasts that are two different sizes, a perception that their breasts are too small, or changes to breast shape or position after pregnancy or dramatic weight loss.

Motivation for breast augmentation

Most commonly, the women who choose to have breast augmentation surgery are between the ages of 30 and 39 years old. The reason that these women receives more overall breast augmentations than other age ranges is that they are in the middle of their child rearing years. Many women lose breast volume after pregnancy and are unhappy with the changes to their breast shape (usually sagging) after dramatic weight loss. Aside from surgery, there’s no way to regain lost breast volume. Women who want to reclaim their former glory will turn to what is known as a “mommy makeover,” which usually includes breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck.

While breast augmentation surgery should generally not be used as a cure-all for underlying confidence issues or depression, most women who choose to undergo implant or reduction surgery for self-serving reasons tend to enjoy a psychological boost to self-esteem.

Breast implants boost self-esteem

Women who decide to have breast augmentation procedures often experience a significant increase in self-esteem and positive feelings about their sexuality, according to Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, a clinical assistant professor at the University of Florida’s College of Nursing.

The findings of a 2005 study stated that improvements to women’s self-esteem and sexual satisfaction were directly correlated with breast augmentation. Two widely accepted scientific scales to measure self-esteem and sexuality were used in the study: the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and the Female Sexual Function Index.

Breast reduction surgery

Studies have shown that patients who have elected to have their bust size reduced tend to experience an improvement in quality of life and self-esteem as well. The conclusions of the study, published in 2008 by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, indicated that breast reduction surgery results go beyond just an aesthetic improvement.

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