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Getting Your Eyelashes Back After Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer will impact every aspect of your life from your emotions, relationships, job to your daily activities. Everything will seem different after you’ve battled breast cancer.

Women who have fought breast cancer often find that their appearance is affected too. Some women require surgery to remove all or part of the breast, or may need radiation, which can leave skin raw and tender. When undergoing chemotherapy treatment, many breast cancer patients deal with hair loss. A beautiful hairless head can be a badge of courage and strength for the thousands of women who bravely battle this disease, but it can be difficult to face nonetheless. Did you know that hair loss can affect other areas too, including your eyelashes?

Waiting for eyelashes to return

After chemotherapy, many women anxiously await the day when they will see eyelashes again. But many find that the lashes grow in thinner and shorter, and may even fall out multiple times as the hair follicles recover. Eyelashes are an important part of a woman’s face, and longer, darker eyelashes draw attention to the eyes and can make you appear healthy and refreshed. Naturally, it can be frustrating to wait for months or longer for your former lashes to appear again.

A solution for lost eyelashes

Latisse®, has been used by thousands of people to thicken, lengthen, and darken eyelashes. As an FDA-approved product Latisse can work for breast cancer survivors too. It can help you grow longer, thicker lashes more quickly, giving you back a piece of your former self as you continue your own healing. For many women, it’s a welcome change to once again apply mascara and frame those beautiful eyes with your own natural lashes.

If your physician approves Latisse for you, apply the product to your lash line as directed.

Your improved lashes will typically be visible within a few weeks.

Getting your eyelashes back can have an amazing impact on your confidence. If you’ve been through breast cancer treatment, you deserve to have a fast and easy way to start feeling like yourself again. Talk to one the cosmetic surgeons at GLOW Surgical Arts to learn if Latisse may be a good option for you by requesting a consultation online. Or call GLOW Surgical Arts at (650) 241-2209.