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Popular FAQs About Tummy Tuck Surgery

You’ve been working hard at the gym and eating a diet comprised of healthy, nutritious foods, but you just can’t seem to tighten up your abdominal region. Or, perhaps you’ve recently had a baby and you’re unable to return your stomach to the way it looked prior to your becoming pregnant. If this sounds like you, tummy tuck surgery might be the next best treatment that can help you achieve your ideal appearance.

Do you have questions about what tummy tuck surgery involves, and how it can help tighten and tone your abdominal region? Here is a list of the most popular FAQs about tummy tuck surgery.

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that can remove excess fat deposits and skin from your abdominal region while tightening and repairing underlying muscles at the same time. A tummy tuck can help you achieve a firmer, smoother stomach, as well as a slimmer waistline and silhouette.

What’s the difference between tummy tuck and liposuction?

Many people confuse tummy tuck surgery with liposuction because both procedures are effective at removing stubborn pockets of fat. However, liposuction is generally used to remove excess pockets of fat and treat large areas, whereas tummy tuck surgery removes excess pockets of fat while also removing excess skin and repairing your abdominal muscles.

Am I an ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery?

Ideal candidates for tummy tuck surgery must be at their ideal body weights, and be able to demonstrate that they can maintain a healthy weight through ongoing diet and exercise. Candidates must also be physically healthy overall, and have realistic expectations about what tummy tuck surgery can, and cannot accomplish.

How will pregnancy affect my tummy tuck surgery?

If you plan on becoming pregnant, you may want to wait until after you’re done having children to undergo tummy tuck surgery. Pregnancy can result in the stretching of your abdomen, which can negate the overall effects of the tummy tuck. Consult with your cosmetic surgeon to learn more about your options for improving your silhouette if you plan on becoming pregnant in the future.

How long will it take me to recover from tummy tuck surgery?

During the first two weeks following surgery, you may need to stay at home and limit all physical activity as your body heals. Your abdominal muscles will feel achy and sore for the first several days when walking around and standing upright, and your surgeon may suggest that you wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling and accelerate the healing process. In most cases, recovery takes about six weeks total, and your surgeon will inform you when it’s okay to return to performing regular physical activities.

Will tummy tuck surgery result in scarring?

Yes, tummy tuck surgery will produce scars, but your cosmetic surgeon will try to place the incisions in discreet places on your body so they can be less visible. The primary scar from tummy tuck surgery will ride low on your abdomen just above your pubic hair line. If the procedure requires a second incision, you may have a scar near your belly button. Most patients reveal that the incision can usually be easily hidden below panties or bathing suit bottoms, and is rarely visible.

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