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Tummy Tuck Or Liposuction For A Flat Stomach?

undefinedWe’ve all seen that flat, perfect tummy. Some of us have had them at some point in our lives. Some of us work hard at the gym and by dieting to get one. No matter our experience, we all want a flat stomach. The unfortunate reality for many people is that no matter how much you exercise or how well-balanced your diet is, they won’t ever achieve that dream flat tummy. If you are interested in achieving a flatter stomach, then you’ve probably considered a cosmetic procedure. At GLOW Surgical Arts, we help women and men alike achieve their ideal body. The main question our patients have when coming in to find out about a flatter stomach is whether they should opt for a tummy tuck or liposuction. Your Redwood City cosmetic surgeons Dr. Paul Gorman and Dr. Renee Marshall want to help you chose between liposuction and tummy tuck.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which fat cells are removed from a targeted area. Many people who have just lost a significant amount of weight or already are in good physical health still have stubborn fat deposits that they can’t lose. This could be caused by genetics, childbirth, hormonal changes, or a number of other factors. After this simple procedure, you can go back to your normal routine within a couple of weeks. It is an extremely safe procedure with decades of cosmetic use.

A tummy tuck is somewhat more complicated. Traditionally we combine a tummy tuck with liposuction—performing the lipo, then removing excess skin and tightening stomach muscles. GLOW Surgical Arts usually recommends this procedure for patients who’ve had weakened stomach muscles, want stretch marks removed, or that have excess, sagging skin (which can often have stubborn fat deposits around it). Our specialized technique eliminates the need for the patient to go completely under anesthesia during the procedure, therefore reducing your risk for complications and subsequently shortening your recovery time. Instead of several weeks of recovery, you are looking at being back to work within a week, and back the gym within two or three weeks.

What are the differences between tummy tuck and liposuction?

  • Cost – A tummy tuck is more expensive than traditional liposuction because it is a more involved cosmetic procedure.
  • Complexity –  Liposuction is simple and involves only fat removal. A tummy tuck entails multiple steps that are involved in making your stomach regain its perfect form.
  • Scarring –  There is minimal scarring with a liposuction procedure. On the other hand, a tummy tuck does leave behind some scarring.
  • Downtime – A tummy tuck entails longer recovery. However, GLOW Surgical Arts has its own tummy tuck method, meaning you’ll experience minimal downtime. Both procedures will require a few follow-up visits=.
  • Issues Addressed –  Liposuction only addresses fat cell removal, while a tummy tuck can address loose skin, fat cell removal, and tightening weakened muscles in the abdominal wall.

How do I know which procedure is right for me?

The reality is, it’s your body, and your end goals are unique to you. Every person is different and without a free initial consultation with one of our expert cosmetic surgeons in Redwood City, we can’t tell you how to get where you want to end up. If you are only looking to adjust certain specific areas and are pleased with your skin tightness and muscle tone, you’ll probably only want liposuction. If you have stretch marks to fix or sagging skin, or fat that you can't seem to lose, then a tummy tuck may be your best bet.

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